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Dentures and Partials

Dentures and Partials

At Feldhake & Associates, we are proud to offer customized full mouth restorations, including dentures, partials, and implant-supported dentures. By combining state of the art technology with a dedication to personalized dentistry, Dr. Feldhake and his associate Dr. Fulton are able to help every patient find the right solution for their smile.

Diverse Smile Solutions with Dentures

While dental implants can be instrumental in replacing singlular missing teeth, some patients missing multiple missing teeth as well as entire arches of teeth need a more comprehensive tooth replacement solution. Likewise, some individuals may not have enough existing bone structure to support implant placement, making this treatment unsuccessful in the long-term. For these individuals, removable dentures or partials present a more effective option that can be personalized to each unique smile.

Full dentures are prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base and are recommended for patients missing most, if not all of the teeth in an arch. While the cause of tooth loss can vary from oral trauma to gum disease, this removable option helps patients regain full dental function as well as complete their smile.

Not every patient requires full arch restoration. For individuals who are missing multiple teeth yet still have a number of natural teeth in an arch, partial dentures present an ideal alternative for restoring the look and function of your smile. Whereas full dentures which cover the entire arch, the prosthetic teeth on partials are supported by a metal frame, similar to a retainer which can be secured to neighboring teeth. Like dentures, partials are easily removable, making daily brushing and flossing a simple process.

Denture Options in Glendale and Scottsdale

At our Glendale and Scottsdale locations, Feldhake & Associates is able to create customized prosthetics that fully address your restoration needs while enhancing your smile. Using advanced dental impression technology, Dr. Feldhake is able to create prostheses that precisely fit your smile, ensuring lasting aesthetic and functional improvement.

In addition to conventional dentures and partials, our state-of-the-art practice also offers implant-supported dentures and bridges. Ideal for individuals with sufficient bone density as well as those looking to stabilize existing restorations, this hybrid option provides patients with the best of both worlds. As an experienced implant dentist, Dr. Feldhake is able to place and restore your implant-supported restoration in our Glendale and Scottsdale practice, ensuring your care is continuous and results successful.

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At Feldhake & Associates, we make achieving lasting oral health simple. With locations in Glendale and Scottsdale, we are dedicated to helping all patients restore their smiles through personalized dental solutions. Call us today to schedule your denture consultation.


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