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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Glendale

Providing patients with positive experiences during every visit is an important part of achieving lasting oral health and wellness. For some patients, dental anxieties and phobias can make the idea of visiting the dentist for even a routine cleaning a stressful prospect. At Feldhake & Associates, our Glendale dentists offer sedation options to help patients remain calm throughout their visit. 

Why Sedation?

Affecting countless patients throughout the country, dental phobias are often developed as a result of past poor dental visits. While mild cases can make patients feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist, more serious instances of dental phobia cause patients to avoid the dentist at all costs.

Without these regular preventive cleanings, patients with dental anxiety are at a higher risk of developing serious problems such as tooth abscesses and gum disease. Furthermore, advanced restorative treatments needed to treat damaged tissue and restore oral health can often reinforce patients’ existing dental fears. 

For these individuals, dental sedation allows patients to feel relaxed before and during their upcoming visit to our dental practice in Glendale. Available in several different forms, sedation provides a number of advantages to patients using this treatment to improve their appointment. These benefits include:

Shorter Appointments:  As patients are in a state of relaxation, they often feel as though their visits are much shorter than they truly are. 

Fewer Visits: As different doses of sedation can help patients feel as though they are sleeping, Drs. Feldhake is often able to complete multiple treatments in one sitting. This eliminates the need for multiple visits, making sedation ideal for patients considering more extensive treatments such as smile makeovers and dental implants. 

Versatile Application: Dental sedation is safe for most healthy patients and can be applied to virtually any dental treatment, including routine cleanings. At Feldhake & Associates, we maintain strict patient standards for patient care with sedation. 

To ensure your safety, we require consent forms and request that patients fast for eight hours prior to receiving sedation as well as enlist the help of a friend or family member to drive them to and from their appointment. During your treatment, an anesthesiologist will monitor your vitals to ensure your safety throughout. Once care is complete, patients return home and rest until the effects wear off. 

Sedation Options at our Glendale and Scottsdale Dental Practices

At Feldhake & Associates, we recognize that every patient has their own unique needs. To ensure every patient feels comfortable throughout their visit we offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious, and IV sedation at our Glendale and Scottsdale locations. 
To learn more about improving your next dental visit with sedation dentistry, contact our Glendale and Scottsdale dental practices today.


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