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Dental Sedation Options at Feldhake & Associates in Glendale and Scottsdale

Dr. Richard Feldhake understands that providing patients with positive experiences during every visit is an important part of achieving lasting oral health and wellness. As a young dentist, Dr. Feldhake recognized that visiting the dentist can create an anxious patient so he wanted to make sure that he provided a comfortable experience to encourage his patients to not avoid receiving dental treatment. During his 34 years of experience, Dr. Feldhake has become a skilled professional in administering many different forms of sedation dentistry.

You no longer have to let your dental anxieties and phobias stop you from receiving even a routine cleaning. At Feldhake & Associates, Dr. Feldhake offers sedation options to help patients remain calm throughout their visit.



Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is not only for patients with dental anxiety. We offer this form of treatment to children, special needs patients, and medically compromised patients who may have a hard time staying still. 

Why Sedation Dentistry?

Affecting countless patients throughout the country, dental phobias are often developed as a result of past poor dental visits. While mild cases can make patients feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist, more serious instances of dental phobia cause patients to avoid the dentist at all costs.

Without these regular preventive cleanings, patients with dental anxiety are at a higher risk of developing serious problems such as tooth abscesses and gum disease. Furthermore, advanced restorative treatments needed to treat damaged tissue and restore oral health can often reinforce patients’ existing dental fears. 

For these individuals, dental sedation allows patients to feel relaxed before and during their upcoming visit to our dental practices in Glendale and Scottsdale. Available in several different forms, sedation provides a number of advantages to patients using this treatment to improve their appointment. These benefits include:
are you afraid of the dentist and the pain dental treatment might cause? dr. feldhake offers iv sedation to make you the most comfortable during your visit. contact us in glendale or scottsdale.
Shorter Appointments:
  As patients are in a state of relaxation, they often feel as though their visits are much shorter than they truly are. 

Fewer Visits: As different doses of sedation can help patients feel as though they are sleeping, Drs. Feldhake is often able to complete multiple treatments in one sitting. This eliminates the need for multiple visits, making sedation ideal for patients considering more extensive treatments such as smile makeovers and dental implants. 

Versatile Application: Dental sedation is safe for most healthy patients and can be applied to virtually any dental treatment, including routine cleanings. At Feldhake & Associates, we maintain strict patient standards for patient care with sedation. 

What Sedation Dentistry Options Does Dr. Feldhake Offer?

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is used as a mild sedative.  It is delivered through a nose hood, and is administered throughout the entire procedure.  Nitrous oxide elevates the general mood and can evoke a general sense of well-being.  Most importantly, it relieves anxiety and reduces pain during the procedure.  In addition, some tingling and numbness may be felt. There are few side effects associated with nitrous oxide, and it has been safely used in dentistry for many years.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is a moderate type of sedation that is also known as twilight sedation .  Patients who have previously experienced IV sedation often report feeling like they slept through the entire procedure.  Generally, IV sedation is used for shorter treatments.  It is administered via direct injection into the bloodstream, which means the effects are immediate.  Sometimes patients feel groggy and sleepy when the IV sedatives are withdrawn.  This is why it is important to bring a designated driver for the drive home.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is an excellent choice for people who fear needles.  Oral medication is provided prior to treatment in order to induce a moderate state of sedation.  Though oral sedatives do not cause sleep, they usually dull the senses.  This means that most patients cannot remember the pain, smells or noises associated with the procedure.  Usually, a dose of medication is taken prior to the appointment, and then topped up during the procedure as required.

What types of drugs are used in oral conscious sedation?

Most of the drugs used in sedation dentistry are classified as benzodiazepines.  Benzodiazepines reduce anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia and seizures.  Each medication has a different half-life, meaning that the effects last for varying amounts of time.  The estimated length of the procedure determines which type of drug is going to be most effective.

How Can IV Sedation Help Me With My Dental Care?

Dr. Feldhake works with a general anesthesiologist and a medical doctor on site to provide IV sedation to patients who are looking for this option. During this process, you will have no memory of the dental procedure being performed and will experience what will feel like a quick dental visit. 

The medication is administered intravenously, and you will remain awake and breathing on your own during the procedure. You are hooked up to monitors throughout treatment, so we can watch your vitals for your safety during the procedure.
Once you are comfortable and have reached the desired level of consciousness, we begin treatment. You will need to arrange transportation home as you will remain groggy for several hours after IV sedation administration is complete.

To ensure your safety, we require consent forms and request that patients fast for eight hours prior to receiving sedation as well as enlist the help of a friend or family member to drive them to and from their appointment. During your treatment, an anesthesiologist will monitor your vitals to ensure your safety throughout. Once care is complete, patients return home and rest until the effects wear off. 

All of the sedation options mentioned above are available at our Glendale and Scottsdale Dental Practices. At Feldhake & Associates, we recognize that every patient has their own unique needs. To learn more about improving your next dental visit with sedation dentistry, contact our Glendale and Scottsdale dental practices today.


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