Special Needs Dentistry

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Special Needs Dentistry in Glendale

Everyone deserves a healthy smile. For children and adults with special needs, finding a dental home that can accommodate patients’ disabilities while providing high quality dentistry can be especially challenging. At Feldhake & Associates, our state-of-the-art Glendale dental practice is specifically designed to ensure all patients receive the quality care they deserve.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

When it comes to providing dentistry for special needs patients, our approach focuses on patient, compassionate care. Rather than rushing immediately into treatment, our Glendale dentists work closely with caregivers to ensure that every phase of treatment is at the patient’s pace. By using friendly language and hands-on demonstrations, Dr. Feldhake makes dental care easy to understand for all patients.

During treatment, our goal is to ensure that patients are comfortable and procedures are successful. In order to provide the best care possible, each of our locations features specially-designed, wheelchair accessible surgical suites. Each of our staff members is trained to assist during treatments, keeping patient safety a priority at all times.

For individuals prone to anxiety or those who have a hard time sitting still, dental sedation is available via pill and intravenous application. By helping patients relax during treatment through sedation, our dentists are able to perform treatments efficiently, lessening anxiety and providing a comfortable dental experience. Often, patients who include sedation dentistry into their treatment do not remember the specific details of their procedure, ultimately helping them become more comfortable with routine dental visits. Sedation dentistry is also carefully monitored, making it a safe addition to almost any dental procedure.

As a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association, Dr. Feldhake frequently participates in extensive training for special needs dentistry to assist patients throughout the Phoenix area. By bringing new techniques and practices back to patients, Feldhake & Associates remains a leading provider of compassionate special needs dentistry.

Dedicated to Compassionate Dentistry

At our Glendale dental practice, we believe in making personalized dental care accessible to all patients. We combine the latest technologies and best practices with our dedication to compassionate dental care, to create a welcoming environment where all patients can feel comfortable.

For more information about our available services and accommodations, contact Dr. Feldhake today. 


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